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The lady eve. a 1941 screwball comedy starring Barbra Stanwyck that is very different from most movies from that time period and from many romantic comedies. In that there is a particu;lar scene where it takes the concept of a male gaze and turns it on its head.

?This scene is one of the first scenes where we see the female lead character. During the scene we watch the actions of the male lead as she shows them to us. She dicates the thoughts and actions of the other characters and forces us to see things from not technically her perspective ,but more from the perspective that she chooses to show us as the audience.She directly influenced how we see things and affects the actions in the scene, main;ly in how she trips the main male lead thus causing their first meeting. Not only that but she turns the concept of the male gaze on its head. This is not only because the character gazing is a female. But because the gaze is not purely a sexual one, but a controlling one.  It helps show characteristics of how the main female lead. It also says things about how main male is apparently easily controlled, as he and the girls he interacts with all act the way Barbra Stanwyck’s character’s narration.

This gives clear examples of the characters actions for the rest of the highly enjoyable movie.

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2 thoughts on “Analysis Post 2

  1. 1-This had a lot of errors (like question marks in the beginning of the sentence?).
    2- You didn’t specify the scene you are writing about. How are we supposed to know what you’re talking about if you just say- “There is a scene in the movie about the male gaze” and don’t even describe it?
    3- You say Barbara Stanwyck did all these things (dictating thought and actions of others…. directly influencing us… etc.) but you don’t give examples of how she did it.
    4- The way you worded your “analysis” was confusing and I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.
    5- This wasn’t an analysis. You did not bring up anything about the actual medium of film (like cuts, music, dialogue, shots, framing, etc.)

    Overall, this was a poorly-done assignment. Maybe read through my CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and think about the points I brought up so in the future you can do better?

  2. I wouldn’t want public comments to include harsh or judgmental language (private critiques would be better for this). But I do think it’s important to put some time and care into editing work that you post online for a formal assignment– presentation really does serve as a reflection of the value you place on your own work.

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