A (late) Psycho Post

So, Hitchcock.

He’s an amazing filmmaker. ¬†And while I haven’t seen that many of his films, only 4 of them. The first of them was Psycho. Which is usually the one that I call my favorite.

I love love love the music in this movie. The music during the opening credits squence is still in my head, a week after having first seen the movie. And during the shower scene, how the music helped Hitchcock not need to show much because the music was the major factor in us believing that Marion was being murdered, the music was doing the cutting for him.

But besides that aspect of the shower scene, I just love the twist of it. How we spend the first half of the movie caring for this one character, only for her to be killed off and it be realized that she wasn’t as important to the plot as we first thought. This is a story about Norman, but we learn everything through the eyes of the surrounding characters (and one shrink that just loves to be expositional).

I think that this movie is wonderful shot and I just love the story. How it’s full of twists and turns that people don’t really except, Like Vertigo, which is another post. However, I think that this is one of those movies that you shouldn’t watch too frequently, as I think most of this entertainment factor comes from all the twists within the story, and after the first time seeing it all the way through; you know everything, so the excitement is slightly gone because there are no surprises anymore.

But this movie is honestly amazing. I love the music, the acting, the directing, the sets. Everything is just wonderful.