A (Late-ish) Post About Citizen Kane

So, what could be said about the arguably greatest movie ever made that hasn’t already been said?

I literally don;t know.

Even though it’s been seen and analyzed so many times before me and will continue to be after me for many many years to come. I’m going to give my own thoughts on this movie and hope they don’t so overlap with what everybody’s been saying since this movie came out.

So, for starters, I really liked this movie. I thought Kane was a very interesting character. I thoughy that how everything he did was because he wanted to be loved, how he felt that he’d never been truly loved (in any sense of the word) and how that desire to make some sort of meaningful connection with somebody, (even if the somebody was the general public) drove him to do everything he did.

It takes me back to the beginning and how he must have felt unloved by either of his parents. His mother just seemed like the kind of person who was emotionally unattached to her son. Admittedly, it might just have been of the whole agreement that she had. Which, might makes Kane think he lost his mother’s love, which would just make things really sad, as you could view that movie now through the lens of a boy who really just wants to regain the love he lost from his mother.

Which could tie into the scene where Kane mentions how he doesn’t care if he loses a million dollars a year, because a) he’ll lose it all in 60 years time and b) he thinks the money is what drove his mother to not love him;

And this whole Kane wanting to be loved thing, makes me wonder, besides his mother and Rosebud, if he ever loved anything. And i mean in any way.It just kinda seemed that he put up with people/utilized them to his advantage. Even his first marriage, that soured quickily and I think that he did it, at least in part because he had political asperations.

i no longer know if I should view Kane as a manipulative bastard for all the things he did and the reasons he did them, or if I should take a lighter and softer approach to how I look at him, with my theory as to what his motivations are.

I don’t really know. But I do know that I’ve read TvTropes articles way too many times.

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3 thoughts on “A (Late-ish) Post About Citizen Kane

  1. I didn’t think of how he would view money afterwards. Those are good points that explain why he’s so obsessed. He doesn’t seem to realize how obsessed he is with power and money until the end of the movie when he looks at his snow globe and mutters the word “Rosebud”.

  2. You specifically analyze Kane this character. It makes sense like you wrote that “how everything he did was because he wanted to be loved. ” What’s more I think maybe he wants to be loved from his parents, since “Rosewood” is the last word in his life. His parents sign him over to the banker is because of money. Maybe this gives the little Kane an idea that money can get everything. This also makes me believed that the reason why he marries Monroe, the president’s niece, and runs for the presidency maybe is because of he wants to catch his parents eyes. He wanna come back to them. Although I have one another thought about Citizen Kane, your blog brings me to think more. Nice work!

  3. yeah it’s late lol. But yeah, you made some great points about how Kane ever only wanted was to be loved by his mother and stuff. But since he did not get the love from his mother, that kind of disabled him from giving love to anybody. So when he says “rosebud” in the end, i think he would have taken it all back just to get his mother’s love.

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