Something That Made me Laugh Today

It’s from FailBook, a website that mostly posts the incredibly stupid or clever things people put on Facebook. And this post, for you people that don’t click links, has a clever thing someone posted on Facebook and underneath it, it shows a little .gif of Kane clapping after Susan Alexander’s performance. It was so perfect, I felt the need to show it.

I post something about Citizen Kane eventually, but this felt too perfect to not post.

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6 thoughts on “Something That Made me Laugh Today

  1. To this I say to you, Bravo good sir. Bravo!
    So love memes. This one is going to be my icon in msn for now on.

  2. Gotta ask though, why do you think he had that expression on the whole time when his wife was singing? Do you truly believe he enjoyed that wind bag’s performance? I somewhat belived he was using her to get to the public, like since he can’t go to politics go to the next influential thing; opera stars!

    • I tihnk you hit the nail on the head. I think it goes back to how he wanted to be loved. He could be loved himself, so he decided to try to get some people identified him with to be as loved as he wanted for himself.

    • You are totally welcome. I saw that and went, “People from class need to see this!” Glad I could be of help.

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