A (Late) Post About The Lady Eve

So, I think The Lady Eve is my favorite movie out of all of the movies we’ve seen so far. If only because it’s a comedy that’s making me think seriously about things. Which is something that I love to do.

it has people speaking English. (The female lead had a tendancy to be a bit of a motormouth, which i greatlly appreciated.) And pratfalls. Many many pratfalls. And it was a light hearted movie. Well, sort of. I mean, it was a romantic comedy and all that jazz, but it was kinda cynical in how it looked at and protrayed concept of love and marriage.

I mean, I love the scene with the horse and how he kept interrupting the same confession of love that we heard on the boat, but then again, it was the same confession of love that we heard on the boat. The male lead undermined his own sincerity and the horse was there to help us laugh at him, and I guess not hate him for seeming less like a good, kind hearted person and more like someone who just fed lines to women.

And the male lead in this movie just kinda bugged me. Mainly with the whole horse helping to bring to light how he could be insincere thing.

But one part I really enjoyed was how ‘Lady Eve’ was telling the stories of how she, well… really got around and it strikes me now that she might have done that in part because, she’s a fairly smart cookie and probably picked up how he told her the same lines twice, so that was probably a small bit of revenge within her entire scheme of revenge.

 I still think that her entire revenge scheme was incredibly not worth the effort. She went through so much, (*spoilers*) only to get back together with him in the end (*spoilers*). The scale of her scheme and all the trouble she went through, just made the ending seem a bit ridiclous to me.  Not that I didn’t enjoy this movie and it’s silliness. Techinically, it’s mostly silliness, as it had the undercurrent of serious going on. Which made me realize that it wasn’t as silly if you put some serious thought into it. Wowzers.

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1 thought on “A (Late) Post About The Lady Eve

  1. This is going to be a little biased since i hate romantic comedies such as lady eve
    but here it goes anyways, this film, out of all the movies we saw in class, was my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, i laughed a lot. I am a huge fan of Pratfalls, since i grew up watching shows like the three stooges, charlie chaplin and the honeymooners. I laughed every time there was a pratfall.

    I agree with you that the main character in the film was really annoying. I don’t know any guy then or now who would act or do things the way he did. I think the writers of the film wanted to make the male character clueless on purpose because maybe in his eyes, all guys are clueless especially when it comes to women.

    I agree with you that the whole revenge scheme was not worth it at all but maybe that’s the whole point of the movie, maybe the whole movie was a joke? I don’t know i just im not a fan of these movies, but i sit through them, laugh at the comedies and dread all the romantic stuff.

    Another reason i guess i dont like the movie is like you said, the way it portrayed marriage. Comedies back then were a way for writers to hide their agenda by making fun of the ideas or practices that they wanted to make fun of, which is probably a little tough for me because in this age, everyone just says what theyre thinking, especially when it comes to movies, so when i wanted to see a comedy i just want to laugh and not wonder if the jokes are making fun of my ideals, ideology etc.

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