A (Late) Post about Public Enemy

This is what I’m talking about.

Fast moving dialouge. (Speaking English!) Violence. Sex references. Money. Characters that have trouble expressing their emotions. Violence.

I had never seen this money before class and I’m glad I didn’t. I got to experience this movie in a place where it’s a responsibilty to watch a movie and question it, analyze it and try to determine if it’s actually good or not.

I really liked this movie. Unlike with M, there weren’t any parts that l would considered drawn out or sequences that l thought when on to long. The recurring theme of James Cageny’s character expressing his affection by lightly punching them in the chin was I think, one of my favorite parts. If only when it came to times that he did it to his mother. Which, while not being something that you should actually do to your mother, also made me smile, because that’s the only way he knows to show affection (besides other even more non Mom appropriate things). And how you could tell that he really cared for his mother. It humanized him a bit in my eyes, because after all even bad guys love their mothers.

I also liked how the brother who went to war to fight ‘the good fight’ and go a path of goodness, came back from war kind of broken, a shell of his former self and someone who most likely committed more violence than his brother, who took the bad path and got on the wrong side of the law did. Also the final shot of the film, with the implication that his brother will follow in his foot steps sent chills down my spine a little bit. The idea that war can ruin a man so much, so that following the lead of your gangster brother to probably end up like him somewhat blows my mind and just amazes me.

I also liked how this movie was purely about Tom. And his beginnings in the crime business, his rise to power, him at his peak and his downfall. It had other characters to it, but it was truly Tom’s story. I’m a fan of character studies, so this movie struck a good cord with me.

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