A (Late, Late) Post About the Movie ‘M’

So 2 weeks later, I’m still not entirely sure how l feel about the movie M. I’m still trying to figure out if the good of the movie that l enjoyed outweighs the bad of the movie that l didn’t.

My main issue with this movie was that some sequences were very drawn out. Some of the drawn out parts reminded of my Unit Head/boss from the camp l worked at over the summer; very slow moving and took a while to get to the point across. I just felt that the pacing was very slow at times and that distracted me while l watched the movie, because l would think to myself about the slow pacing and get frustrated.

But other than that, I really enjoyed this movie. I liked how it was a combination of different genres. It wasn’t purely a mystery movie, it had some thriller elements with the chase: it had some courtroom elements with the trial scene; it had a bit of a moral to it with the final scene with the mother. The fact that there were different elements to the movie and helped me remain interested for the most part.

I also felt that the little comedic moments were very helpful, I guess is the word I’d use, to the movie. The movie for all its different elements, was still a serious movie and all the elements were serious and added to the tension of the film. So the little bits of comic relief were great to lighten the mood and offer a break from all the tension the rest of the movie gave us. Even the bits that weren’t necesarily comedic, but got that were reaction out of us, as the audience, were great.

I’m trying to extract some sort of patternness out of this movie. But when l do, I just end up confused. I don’t get the director had circles all over this movie. I don’t get the symbolism of that one gangster/homeless guy in the union put the M on his hand and to then transfer it to the murderer. I understand that this is something to that, just not what that actually is though. At least I’m self aware?

Anywho, I thought M was a great way to start off the class and am fairly excited for the rest of movies we’ll watch this semester.

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