A Bit About Me

This is nota bio post, in part because it’d be really late. So anyway, something to know about me is that I absolutely love love love Stephen Colbert (Silent t) and his show The Colbert Report (both Slient t). I’ve loved him and have been watching his show since the summer before I started High School.

When I was 15, I found out that you had to be 18 to attend a taping because of legal reasons and all that jazz. Which upset me because I really wanted to go and hated that I had to wait 3 years. Well, yesterday was my 18th birthday, and so I (along with my sister, whose birthday it was as well, but that’s another story, how we have the same birthday but she’s 9 years older than me, and one of our brothers) went to see a taping yesterday. And it was the greatest thing in all my life. It was a bit crazy to actually be in the studio, where it is *so* much smaller than it appears on tv. And it was kinda chilly there as well, that surprised me.

And there was q&a before the show and I asked Stephen what he did on *his* 18th birthday, which was very funny and very full of drunk activites. And the show was awesome, as he kept flubbing lines. And  it was just so funny.

And I’m going to just keep talking and thinking about this for the rest of my life because it was epic and something I’ve been looking forward to for so long and it didn’t disappoint.

So yeah…back to movie posts after the next class!

A (Late-ish) Post About Citizen Kane

So, what could be said about the arguably greatest movie ever made that hasn’t already been said?

I literally don;t know.

Even though it’s been seen and analyzed so many times before me and will continue to be after me for many many years to come. I’m going to give my own thoughts on this movie and hope they don’t so overlap with what everybody’s been saying since this movie came out.

So, for starters, I really liked this movie. I thought Kane was a very interesting character. I thoughy that how everything he did was because he wanted to be loved, how he felt that he’d never been truly loved (in any sense of the word) and how that desire to make some sort of meaningful connection with somebody, (even if the somebody was the general public) drove him to do everything he did.

It takes me back to the beginning and how he must have felt unloved by either of his parents. His mother just seemed like the kind of person who was emotionally unattached to her son. Admittedly, it might just have been of the whole agreement that she had. Which, might makes Kane think he lost his mother’s love, which would just make things really sad, as you could view that movie now through the lens of a boy who really just wants to regain the love he lost from his mother.

Which could tie into the scene where Kane mentions how he doesn’t care if he loses a million dollars a year, because a) he’ll lose it all in 60 years time and b) he thinks the money is what drove his mother to not love him;

And this whole Kane wanting to be loved thing, makes me wonder, besides his mother and Rosebud, if he ever loved anything. And i mean in any way.It just kinda seemed that he put up with people/utilized them to his advantage. Even his first marriage, that soured quickily and I think that he did it, at least in part because he had political asperations.

i no longer know if I should view Kane as a manipulative bastard for all the things he did and the reasons he did them, or if I should take a lighter and softer approach to how I look at him, with my theory as to what his motivations are.

I don’t really know. But I do know that I’ve read TvTropes articles way too many times.

A (Late) Post About The Lady Eve

So, I think The Lady Eve is my favorite movie out of all of the movies we’ve seen so far. If only because it’s a comedy that’s making me think seriously about things. Which is something that I love to do.

it has people speaking English. (The female lead had a tendancy to be a bit of a motormouth, which i greatlly appreciated.) And pratfalls. Many many pratfalls. And it was a light hearted movie. Well, sort of. I mean, it was a romantic comedy and all that jazz, but it was kinda cynical in how it looked at and protrayed concept of love and marriage.

I mean, I love the scene with the horse and how he kept interrupting the same confession of love that we heard on the boat, but then again, it was the same confession of love that we heard on the boat. The male lead undermined his own sincerity and the horse was there to help us laugh at him, and I guess not hate him for seeming less like a good, kind hearted person and more like someone who just fed lines to women.

And the male lead in this movie just kinda bugged me. Mainly with the whole horse helping to bring to light how he could be insincere thing.

But one part I really enjoyed was how ‘Lady Eve’ was telling the stories of how she, well… really got around and it strikes me now that she might have done that in part because, she’s a fairly smart cookie and probably picked up how he told her the same lines twice, so that was probably a small bit of revenge within her entire scheme of revenge.

 I still think that her entire revenge scheme was incredibly not worth the effort. She went through so much, (*spoilers*) only to get back together with him in the end (*spoilers*). The scale of her scheme and all the trouble she went through, just made the ending seem a bit ridiclous to me.  Not that I didn’t enjoy this movie and it’s silliness. Techinically, it’s mostly silliness, as it had the undercurrent of serious going on. Which made me realize that it wasn’t as silly if you put some serious thought into it. Wowzers.

Something That Made me Laugh Today


It’s from FailBook, a website that mostly posts the incredibly stupid or clever things people put on Facebook. And this post, for you people that don’t click links, has a clever thing someone posted on Facebook and underneath it, it shows a little .gif of Kane clapping after Susan Alexander’s performance. It was so perfect, I felt the need to show it.

I post something about Citizen Kane eventually, but this felt too perfect to not post.

A (Late) Post about Public Enemy

This is what I’m talking about.

Fast moving dialouge. (Speaking English!) Violence. Sex references. Money. Characters that have trouble expressing their emotions. Violence.

I had never seen this money before class and I’m glad I didn’t. I got to experience this movie in a place where it’s a responsibilty to watch a movie and question it, analyze it and try to determine if it’s actually good or not.

I really liked this movie. Unlike with M, there weren’t any parts that l would considered drawn out or sequences that l thought when on to long. The recurring theme of James Cageny’s character expressing his affection by lightly punching them in the chin was I think, one of my favorite parts. If only when it came to times that he did it to his mother. Which, while not being something that you should actually do to your mother, also made me smile, because that’s the only way he knows to show affection (besides other even more non Mom appropriate things). And how you could tell that he really cared for his mother. It humanized him a bit in my eyes, because after all even bad guys love their mothers.

I also liked how the brother who went to war to fight ‘the good fight’ and go a path of goodness, came back from war kind of broken, a shell of his former self and someone who most likely committed more violence than his brother, who took the bad path and got on the wrong side of the law did. Also the final shot of the film, with the implication that his brother will follow in his foot steps sent chills down my spine a little bit. The idea that war can ruin a man so much, so that following the lead of your gangster brother to probably end up like him somewhat blows my mind and just amazes me.

I also liked how this movie was purely about Tom. And his beginnings in the crime business, his rise to power, him at his peak and his downfall. It had other characters to it, but it was truly Tom’s story. I’m a fan of character studies, so this movie struck a good cord with me.

A (Late, Late) Post About the Movie ‘M’

So 2 weeks later, I’m still not entirely sure how l feel about the movie M. I’m still trying to figure out if the good of the movie that l enjoyed outweighs the bad of the movie that l didn’t.

My main issue with this movie was that some sequences were very drawn out. Some of the drawn out parts reminded of my Unit Head/boss from the camp l worked at over the summer; very slow moving and took a while to get to the point across. I just felt that the pacing was very slow at times and that distracted me while l watched the movie, because l would think to myself about the slow pacing and get frustrated.

But other than that, I really enjoyed this movie. I liked how it was a combination of different genres. It wasn’t purely a mystery movie, it had some thriller elements with the chase: it had some courtroom elements with the trial scene; it had a bit of a moral to it with the final scene with the mother. The fact that there were different elements to the movie and helped me remain interested for the most part.

I also felt that the little comedic moments were very helpful, I guess is the word I’d use, to the movie. The movie for all its different elements, was still a serious movie and all the elements were serious and added to the tension of the film. So the little bits of comic relief were great to lighten the mood and offer a break from all the tension the rest of the movie gave us. Even the bits that weren’t necesarily comedic, but got that were reaction out of us, as the audience, were great.

I’m trying to extract some sort of patternness out of this movie. But when l do, I just end up confused. I don’t get the director had circles all over this movie. I don’t get the symbolism of that one gangster/homeless guy in the union put the M on his hand and to then transfer it to the murderer. I understand that this is something to that, just not what that actually is though. At least I’m self aware?

Anywho, I thought M was a great way to start off the class and am fairly excited for the rest of movies we’ll watch this semester.